LG: SV008IG5-2U LG VFD .75KW

Call us at 604-888-9050 and we will help you conclusively identify your defective LG SV008IG5-2U LG VFD .75KW. We can also provide you with our most recent exchange, repair/rebuild pricing estimate for a LG SV008IG5-2U LG VFD .75KW.


Our knowledgeable engineers and technicians have extensive experience rebuilding a LG SV008IG5-2U LG VFD .75KW. They are dedicated to minimizing your downtime. Our fixes for a LG SV008IG5-2U LG VFD .75KW are often engineering improvements, resulting in a unit that is "better than new." We also work on a wide range of other LG circuit boards, servo drives, power supplies, monitors and spindle drives.



Part Number:

SV008IG5-2U LG VFD .75KW



Exchange: Rebuilt unit for exchange in stock. Call for most recent pricing.

SV008IG5-2U LG VFD .75KW 220V 3 phase. LG VFD. Rebuilt. 1 year warranty.


SV008IG5-2U LG VFD .75KW


Before you call, please have written down: the manufacturer and item part number. Additionally, for servo and spindle drives, please record any alarm info (LED indications, alarm number, failure conditions). Alarm numbers read from your CNC monitor are not complete. Look in electrical cabinet, on the item, for crucial alarm info.