Industrial Monitor LCD Replacements

CNC REPAIR & SALES INC. can provide a replacement LCD monitor for any 12" OR 14" CRT STYLE MONITOR. Call for details. We have replacement 12" and 14" LCD monitors for OEM monitors that had ANY special video format (for example RGB, TTL, Analog, Sync on Green, 15.7Khz, composite sync etc.).


Our LCD monitors are are bright and readable. They are monitors are designed for industrial use, with electronics designed for long life (unlike modified consumer LCD options).


CNC REPAIR's industrial monitor LCD replacements offer a longer life, better contrast and improved readability in most applications. Our LCD replacements are plug and play, no soldering or cable adaptation required. We supply OEM mating connectors for both power and video. Though all of our LCD replacements are fully adjustable, most applications require little if any adjustment because they come preconfigured out of the box for your, specific, application.


Allen Bradley, Engel, Fanuc, Hitachi Seiki, Okuma, Yaskawa, Yasnac and more. In color and monochrome. We currently support the most popular CNC monitor applications from stock, but if you have an application that we don't stock we can custom make it for you at low cost.




Okuma 12 Inch Color Bare Panel Okuma 12 Inch Color Installed